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Why PhotoCleaner?

An average digital camera user could take dozens of pictures at a time. That is what digital cameras are all about, right? But then it becomes obvious that these photos need some tweaking – many pictures are lifeless, have flat colors, people on the pictures have red eyes, and the details are not sharp enough. Also, the pictures are usually too big to be sent in an e-mail or place on a web site.

To correct this, one has to go through several typical steps, such as enhance colors, crop, fix "red eyes", adjust brightness, sharpen, resize, and so on... Doing this manually step-by-step requires image processing skills and expensive hard-to-use image editing software. But more important, it is a long and tedious process, which is why most digital photographers just prefer to ignore the problem.

PhotoCleaner was created to address this issue and give the photographers professionally-looking results without having them spend much time and money. It is practically a one-click tool – just load the picture and click "Enhance" button. On the other hand, it allows changing the enhancement settings, so that you could adjust the enhancement process for your camera and to your preference. The batch enhancing is another time-saving function of PhotoCleaner – just point it at multiple pictures on your computer’s disk and all the pictures will be enhanced automatically. As a part of batch processing, PhotoCleaner can create PhotoAlbums - web pages presenting your photographs.

Even with good pictures PhotoCleaner could make a difference that seems subtle at first, but when you compare "before" and "after", the improvement is obvious. Try moving your mouse over the pictures below:


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